About Us

  Faux Doubt is the Midwest’s premiere tribute to the music of No Doubt. Hailing from Eastern Iowa with cumulative experience of over four decades, Faux Doubt is a multi-generational group consisting of local music scene veterans, as well as aspiring, up-and-coming talent. What these 5 members share is a passion for the music of No Doubt – from the 90’s alternative ska-punk classics to the present day hook-laden pop. Faux Doubt covers the entire spectrum of the No Doubt catalog – and does so with the same energy and showmanship fans have come to expect.

See us live!

Faux Doubt performing 'Just A Girl' live at Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, Iowa.

Our History

 Faux Doubt was inspired by a pure comedic coincidence. In 2018, Ella Goode (Dawn) jokingly said to fellow musician Barbarian Young (Triston) that they should start a Hole tribute band. He replied, “I’m more of a No Doubt guy, myself.” As the search for the perfect lineup continued, bassist extraordinaire Cornell Veasey Jr and deft guitar veteran Jim Reisner had climbed aboard after seeing the potential. But a “key” piece was missing – a keyboardist. After an extensive search for just the right fit, Steve Junge, of local icons Supersize Seven had decided to join our madness – thus completing the lineup. By 2019, Faux Doubt: A Tribute to No Doubt was born.