About Us

  Faux Doubt is the Midwest’s premiere tribute to the music of No Doubt. Hailing from Eastern Iowa with cumulative experience of over four decades, Faux Doubt is a multi-generational group consisting of local music scene veterans, as well as aspiring, up-and-coming talent. What these 5 members share is a passion for the music of No Doubt – from the 90’s alternative ska-punk classics to the present day hook-laden pop. Faux Doubt covers the entire spectrum of the No Doubt catalog – and does so with the same energy and showmanship fans have come to expect.

See us live!

Faux Doubt performing 'Don't Speak' live in Des Moines,Iowa.

Our History

 Faux Doubt was inspired by a pure comedic coincidence. In 2018, Ella Goode (Dawn) jokingly said to fellow musician Barbarian Young (Triston) that they should start a Hole tribute band. He replied, “I’m more of a No Doubt guy, myself.” As the search for the perfect lineup continued, bassist extraordinaire Cornell Veasey Jr and deft guitar veteran Jim Reisner had climbed aboard after seeing the potential. But a “key” piece was missing – a keyboardist. After an extensive search for just the right fit, Steve Junge, of local icons Supersize Seven had decided to join our madness – thus completing the lineup. By 2019, Faux Doubt: A Tribute to No Doubt was born.